Our Farm

Our Farm

Copper Ridge Cattle Company is at the heart of the Swannanoa Valley off of Davidson road across the fields and Swannanoa River from Warren Wilson College farms.

The land was the Fred Myers farm off of Davidson Road. Fred raised dairy and beef cattle and his family there for many many years on the property. Part of Fred’s property is now 33 acres of pastures and wooded hiking and biking trails owned by Lynn & Sondra Watkins. 

The Watkins family have been farming this area for generations

The owners have a long family history in the land from Warren Wilson College all the way east to the Swannanoa bridge across from Symmetry Financial Group. All the land from WWC to Swannanoa bridge and north of hwy 70 was bought and farmed by the Watkins family dating several generations back as far as the mid 1800’s. Over the years most was sold off to Warren Wilson College and many other people but the Watkins name is still on lots of land around New Salem and Davidson Roads. 

Lynn’s family ran Peaks place diner in Swannanoa across the road from Okey Dokey BBQ as well as the old barn dance hall on Warren Wilson College Road back in the heyday of the mid 1900’s. 

While Copper Ridge is a small beef farm operation Lynn’s parents and grandparents taught him a lot about farming and hard work. 

“They raised their meat for our family and I knew one day I wanted to do the same but also make the great meat available to others with that same great taste and quality that my parents and grandparents taught me.”

Check out some photos from our farm!

Lynn’s parents still live on New Salem Road and are likely living long healthy lives due to eating the hormone and preservative free home grown vegetables and meats they raised over the years. Lynn’s mother still raises a garden and cans and preserves a lot of their food. 

“We both love the history of the Fred Myers family land as well as the heritage of raising good quality beef products to share with the community. We truly hope you will enjoy our beef as much as we do”

Sondra and Lynn met and married in 1998 with 3 children between them. Soon afterwards Lynn & Sondra embarked on building an insurance agency with his brother Casey Watkins who owns Symmetry Financial Group and was a partner in The Native Kitchen and Social Pub. As Lynn and Sondra grew their insurance agency nationwide over the next 15 years it allowed them to start doing what they always loved. Lynn loved farming from an early age, and Sondra…..well let’s just say if you get to meet her you will know why they have a farm full of animals. 

She is definitely thriving in what she loves to do and be around. From the many Mini donkeys, chickens, ducks, dogs and mini horses she will show you them all. 

They continue to be an integral part of their insurance business while enjoying the fruits of that work on the farm. 

Come tour our farm and taste some premium heritage Dexter or Angus beef the way Lynn’s family raised it. 

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