Copper Ridge Cattle Company 

Raises primarily premium Dexter beef and occasionally a few Angus beef cattle. 

How it’s raised and processed and how much does it cost……..

A special kind of beef

Copper Ridge Cattle Company Dexter cattle are special animals. They are thrifty, hardy, calm, and easy to handle. Because of their size and their unique browsing habits, they can be raised in ways that are environmentally friendly and environmentally beneficial. And since we can raise such wholesome food in such a sustainable manner, our calves are highly prized. We are grateful for every calf born at Copper Ridge. They produce the best beef we have ever eaten! 

How our beef steers and heifers are raised

CRCC calves live a special life. They stay with their mothers in the breeding herd until weaning (7-9 months of age). Then they are moved to the calf pasture where they drink water from spring-fed and artesian wells, graze on lush grasses. They are also fed a small supplementary ration of all-natural grain and hay each day as we check each animal to monitor their overall health. Their lives are peaceful ones, enjoying the bounty of this rich farmstead with their contented herd mates.

How our beef is processed

Our steers are processed at about 24 months of age. Their average hanging weight is 406 lbs and they produce an average packaged-beef weight of 264 lbs. All processing is done at a USDA facility where the beef is inspected, custom aged, custom cut to each client’s specifications, vacuum packaged , and labeled with each package’s weight and cut type. The beef is beautifully marbled with appropriate fat cover, and the right aging adds complexity and depth to its rich flavor. The tenderness is superb!

How much it costs and how much beef you can expect to receive

We sell our steers as a farm-to-client product: whole, half and quarter portions are available in bulk. As well we will occasionally have beef for sale by the individual pack and you get to choose your favorites only and buy smaller amounts. We do encourage anyone who likes this kind of beef to purchase a small chest freezer that is easy to keep in the corner of your garage, a porch or basement and it will hold most quarters of beef we may have. Although every steer is unique, and each client’s cutting choices vary, on average, here is what to expect from one whole or one side (1/2 a carcass) of  CRCC Dexter beef.

One whole (2 sides) approximate yield

  • average hanging weight: 406 lbs
  • cost per-pound hanging weight: bulk prices vary. Message to ask current price
  • average packaged weight:  264 lbs
  • this is about 6 boxes of frozen packages (each box is 13″ x 21″ x 7″)
  • you can fit it into 14 cubic feet of freezer space

One half (1 side) approximate yield

  • average hanging weight: 203 lbs
  • cost per-pound hanging weight: bull prices vary. Message to ask current price.
  • average packaged weight: 132 lbs
  • this is about 3 boxes of frozen packages (each box is 13″ x 21″ x 7″)
  • you can fit it into 7 cubic feet of freezer space

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Wholesome, old-fashioned food

With Copper Ridge Cattle Company, you know what you are eating. Hormone free. Antibiotic free. No growth enhancers. Our specialty beef is from historic, purebred Dexter genetics, hand-raised with compassion and care.

That doesn’t discount the high quality of Angus beef and how we raise it as well. One of the bigger differences will be the size of the quarters or halves weight when finished because the Angus cattle tends to be a good bit larger than the Dexter cattle. The angus beef is also excellent. We say try them both. You won’t be disappointed in either.

If you are a beef connoisseur that values quality, tenderness, and taste . . .

If you care about environmentally-friendly farming practices . . .

If you want to eat fresh, compassionately raised food . . .

Then Copper Ridge Cattle Company is your kind of beef!